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MAJOR flaws that prohibit flow

Two HUGE issues with the app. Number 1, I can't COMMAND + CLICK to open a video in a new tab like I can in Safari, so that alone is making me debate keeping this app. Number 2, When right clicking and opening in a new tab it auto focuses on that new tab. We should have an option if we want to auto go to that new tab or if we want to go to it when we're ready. Those two issues have me debating if I want to keep this app, because it was so much quicker to do things in Safari with the above not being an issue than it is in your app. Hoping this gets resolved ASAP.

Am I missing a chromecast option?

I really like this app, however I’m unable to cast the videos to my chromecast ultra connected to Samsung Smart 4k tv. Otherwise, this is a great app! P.S: Let me know if I miss anything else.


Love it, better than use it on my cell!

Love this app

Since I use a lot of instances of Chrome every day, it was a hassle cycling through them to find the one that was playing my YouTube Music. This app has resolved that issue. And I love that I can still add songs/videos to playlists, delete them from playlists, create new ones, etc. They thought of everything! I just wish I could use my media buttons to control it. That’s my only disappointment, but that might be more of a Mac issue than one w/ the app.


Ok, this sounded cool when i downloaded it but then it never actually worked thats why i gave it a 1 star and my macbook is brand new………...

Nice app



good app

Love the app!

Great app! Works well with my Mac and runs very smoothly.



Its fine

It has everything you need. It is youtube except as an app, instead of a weblink.

You tube

Great app!

Very Nice

This is a nice app for you tube, allows me to watch videos and listen to music without tying up my browser.

Best app ever

It works amazing,its like on a mobile device

After a day of use....

First, I can hardly tell the difference between using this app and watching via Safari. It's that seamless. All the features of YouTube are available in the app. No problem with video or sound. Standard keyboard commands work, full screen is available for app or video. Youtube Dark Mode completes the experience. So after a day of use watching at least 20 videos, I would recommend this application for everyone who uses YouTube. Down;oad it and check out all the features, buttons and settings to make your experience just how you want it.

Excellent Application

I use this app all the time. Allows me to access youtube from my Mac Computer without using my browser, which I usually have other windows open. Everything here just works. Good job to the developers!

Great app

Good to this app on Mac OS


I really like the Disable Banners because it gets rid of the pop up ads and still supports the creator. Incredible. I'd be awesome if you could do this for the video ads.

Utube app for mac

Works great, responsive.

Just get it

It works as stated. Simple, clean, efficient.

Pretty Good!!!

Since YouTube doesn’t have its official app, I determined to try this app. To be honest, this app is the most convenient video app I have tried. I love it !!!

good app

The YT app is pretty good. Haven’t experienced any lag or issues. This is pretty much the equivalent of the YT website. DOPE! Just wish YT would cut out some of the ads.


useful since it dont need to be in website to listen to my music , would be 5 stars if i could use the premium version on here too and listen to my downloads , still pretty good 🎶

Great App

I love the app. It works great coming from a windows 10 users. Im on a mid 2010 MacBook Pro 16gb ddr3 ram, and samsung evo 1tb ssd.



I like. Supports YT dark theme! :) AirPlay limited to 720p?

I like. Supports YT dark theme! :) App seems to work well enough to play and comment YT videos, see history, add to playlists, etc. and not have extra tabs or windows open in my browser, nice. (Seems to have full functionality, but, haven’t tried everything.) > AirPlay seems to be limited to 720p, not sure if this is an app limitation or if it has to do with how google implements airplay in YT? (macOS Sierra with the latest security and safari updates.) > Minor: while I can turn autoplay off, if I am in a playlist, it will still automatically play the next video regardless of this setting…then I lose comment if I am typing while playing and it goes to the next vid.

Thank you Apple

I’m impressed with this program.

Significant improvements recently

can now open new tabs more easily, hotkeys are more accessible. has filled in many of the gaps that were present.

Works Great!

Perfect for what I needed. Instead of using a browser I can now use this instead to keep music and video playing when closing windows or tabs!!

Love it!

Works really well and I like the dark mode. Thank you

Pressure in tower

The tower personnel always sound like they have everything in control. It is a pleasure to listen to them and the interaction with the pilots. Very professional.

It is great

This is an app I have been looking for it is amazing.


I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH! Just downloaded it's just like youtube on google I can barely differentiate between the two the only thing I noticed was the Dark Mode which is not a problem but I would like it if they add Dark Mode. OVERALL GREAT GREAT APP I RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE!!

Convenient App!

The simple reason why I love this app is because it saves time lol…I don’t have to open sarafi, type in youtube, click on youtube, wait for youtube to load..etc…With this app its one click and you’re ready to rock.



sort of confused? i guess?

App seems to work perfectly well, I just don’t quite see the point. It looks and feels almost identical to using youtube in a safari window. I only assumed that this app would do something different for me, and perhaps it does, it’s just not obvious to me what that might be.

This App Works Great

I just downloaded this desktop app and it works great. Thank you, D

Awesome app!

This app works great! I can watch YouTube on what feels like a dedicated Desktop experience There is however a slight bug in which pressing enter on the Google Login screen plays the little ‘Error’ sound effect when you press a keyboard button you shouldn’t press on the screen Aside from that 5 stars!

Doesn't block ads

Booo! Doesn't block ads.

Good but no 1440p / 4K

It’s good for quick access but really that’s it. Since Safari’s new codec doesn’t complement with YouTube’s, I would assume that third party app developers would have a codec in their apps that would complement with YouTube’s. Seeing how this is considerably the best third-party YouTube app on the Mac App Store, I assume that is not the case. Good app, but I will be sticking with YouTube on Chrome!

YouTube Desktop

I love going onto to YouTube!!! I’m happy that I can just click on the app to get to the home page without searching the internet.

Picture-in-Picture Mode would make it perfect

Overall, I love it. The only real issue I have is that there is no discernable picture-in-picture mode, which means i still have to use the browser if I want to multitask. Add this feature, and it will be perfect!

Works well

Works well.

Very Good app

Nice clean interface. Better than using a web browser. My big request/suggestion is support for scrobbling.




i love this app, and so does my daughter! we both use it daily!

ad fest

all difference i saw with this from browser is more ads


Simple words are I LOVE.

workouts on the iMac

It is so much easier to view work outs on utube on the imac than iphone or iPad.

app not working

It just flashes on and off on my mac book pro and keeps looking like its loading but i can’t use it. i LOVE YouTube on my other devices but would really like to use it on this one

Chromecast Supp


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